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2024 Special Competition

This is your chance to work as a team, think outside the box, and earn some money for your school's Model U.N. program.  Please read the details below carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.  The winners of the program will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Your assignment:

Create a model of local students helping migrating youth integrate into local communities addressing such issues as language barriers, shelter, food security, education, and cultural divisions.  
The model you create should be adaptable to address these issues in various types of international migration across the globe.
As an example: Many high schools in our area are receiving new students who have migrated to the U.S. from various parts of the world, fleeing war and persecution, accompanying their parents to a new life, or hoping to reconstruct lives torn apart by gang wars and such elsewhere.  Often these students are left to fend for themselves or integrate into a new culture without much assistance from the UN or other organizations such as the International Organization on Migration.  Local agencies often appear poorly coordinated or not having in place a long term strategy.  The challenge then for these students and their families is how to integrate or assimilate into a whole new culture and to do so rather quickly.  

Submission format:

Your submission needs to be digital, but you're encouraged to be as creative as possible!  PowerPoint, YouTube video, screenshots, etc.  Work as a team to come up with the idea, and then tell us and show us how this would work.

Due date:

Your submission is due Friday, February 23 by midnight to Mo Winograd at If you do not have an email acknowledgement by Sunday the 25th please send Mo an email so we can make sure it's not lost in spam.


Monetary awards will be presented to the MUN clubs of the winning schools:

1st place  - $500    provided by Howard and Nancy Cohen

2nd place - $350   provided by Mickey and Mo Winograd

3rd place  - $200   provided by Patrick Mattingly and Jill Force.

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