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   Top Schools  (earned for the team)            (Funded by Edith Hunt)
      1st Place ($1,000):  Gulf Coast High School
      2nd Place ($700):    Port Charlotte High School
      3rd Place ($300):     Lely High School
   Diana McGowen Most Improved School ($500 for the team)
      Immokalee High School                                (Funded by Edith Hunt)
   Educating Child Refugees Special Competition   
      1st place:  $500 - North Fort Myers High School   (Funded by Howard & Nancy Cohen)
      2nd place: $350 - Gulf Coast High School            (Funded by Mickey & Mo Winograd)
      3rd place:  $200 - Lely High School                     (Funded by Steve & Carol Vesce)
     Honorable Mention:
                        $100 - Immokalee High School 
                      $100 - Palmetto Ridge High School   
   Benjamin Estes Memorial Award ($500 for the team)
      Golden Gate High School
Those who were lucky enough to know Benjamin Estes would tell you that he was a devoted Model UN sponsor and, more importantly, a genuinely kind man.  He was a scholar and a lover of literature. In addition, he was a fervent advocate for social justice in both his professional and personal life.  Ben was the first teacher in Collier County to promote and teach AICE Classical Studies, which took a deeper look into the arts and history of Greek and Roman antiquity.  He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and the students and faculty at Golden Gate High School. 
   Position Paper Awards                
              School                      Delegate
      1st:   Donahue Academy  Mary Fairchild          ($2,000 Greg Hudson award)
      2nd:  Barron Collier     
     Isidor Radojevic       ($1,500 Barbara Markel Memorial award)
   Gulf Coast              Noah Thorne            ($1,000 award)
      4th:   Port Charlotte          Kajsa Carlsen
          ($   800 award)
 North Fort Myers     Christina McKeaver  ($   700 award)
      6th:   Barron Collier          Darshan Dadlani      ($   600 award)     
      7th:   Gulf Coast               Aarnav Sheth            ($   500 award)     
      8th:   Barron Collier          Sofia Babbitt            ($   400 award)     
      9th:   Lely                          Alejandra Ramos     ($   300 award)
    10th:   Gulf Coast               Gabriella Burkett      ($   200 award)     
               Gulf Coast               Gal Shem-Tov
               St. John Neumann  Hunter Lund
               Gulf Coast               Andrew Herrmann
               Mariner                    Robert Chia
               Gulf Coast               Isabella Lala
               Gulf Coast               Tanisha Gupta
               Gulf Coast               Valerie Orozco
               St. John Neumann   Lara Uluc
               Port Charlotte          Cole Beiner
               Cape Coral              Humberto Carralero Castro
   Multiyear Participation Awards
      Port Charlotte    Kajsa Carlsen             Ralph J. Bunche award             

      Gulf Coast         Emma Upson              Amb. Gregor Zore Memorial award   $2,500

      Barron Collier    Alexia Espinoza Vlad  Ron Gymer Memorial award              $2,500

      Gulf Coast         Gal Shem-Tov             Mimi Gregory award                          $2,500

      Gulf Coast         Valerie Orozco            Iqbal & Shelby Mamdani award        $2,000

      Lely                    Alejandra Ramos        Thomas J. O'Gorman Memorial         $2,000

      Gulf Coast         Stella DeFrain             David & Beverly Worthington award  $2,000

      Gulf Coast         Ava Weidner               George Gotschall Memorial award    $2,000

   2023 Performance Awards
     Gulf Coast         Colin Briggs                 Best Single Year Performance           $1,500
     Fort Myers         Ravelska Lafalaise      Mo Winograd Outstanding Delegate  $1,500
                                                                                           (Funded by Robert & Joella Roussel)
     Gulf Coast         Colin Briggs                 Best Single Year - Junior                   $1,000
     Gulf Coast         Nathan Rubin              Best Single Year - Sophomore           $1,000
     Gulf Coast         Catie Saadeh              Best Single Year - Freshman             $   500
   2023 Caucus Awards - $250 each   (Funded by Richard & Kay Ryder)
     Fort Myers         Ravelska Lafalaise      Comm. on the Status of Women
     Gulf Coast         Aarnav Sheth               Comm. on Sustainable Development
     Gulf Coast         Colin Briggs                 Disarmament and Int'l Security
     Gulf Coast         Abigail Shaw                UNEP
     Gulf Coast         Tanisha Gupta              Int'l Negotiating Comm. of the UNEA
   Committee Awards
    A gavel to the winner
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