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   Most Improved School
      Bishop Verot High School
   Top Delegations
      1st Place:  United Kingdom (Gulf Coast High School)
      2nd Place: Russia (Port Charlotte High School)
      3rd Place:  United States (Oasis High School)
      4th Place:  Germany (Cape Coral High School)
   Position Paper Awards                
            School                Country            Committee                             Student
   1st:   Oasis                  USA                   Security Council                      Bailee Peralto
   2nd:  Gulf Coast          Brazil                  Human Rights                         Daniela Kyle
   3rd:   Palmetto Ridge  Nigeria                Human Settlement Program   Sebastian Mejia
   4th:   Cape Coral         Jordan                Human Rights                         Stefania Lugli
   5th:   Bishop Verot      Cuba                   World Health Organization      Haley Cerretani
   6th:   Port Charlotte    Russia                 Legal                                       Marco Guzman
   7th:   Bishop Verot      Egypt                   Human Rights                         Isabella Rodriguez
   8th:   Port Charlotte    Russia                 Disarmament                           Ethan Katz
   9th:   Gulf Coast         United Kingdom   Political & Decolonization       Linnea Dulikravich
 10th:   Cape Coral        Argentina             Int'l Monetary Fund                 Julieta Maza
 11th:   Port Charlotte    Iran                      Human Environmental Prog   Simon Nease
 12th:   Port Charlotte    Iran                      Human Rights                        Taylor Torres
   Syrian Refugee Competition
   $500 Howard & Nancy Cohen Award - Cape Coral High School
   $350 Mickey & Mo Winograd Award - Gulf Coast High School
   $150 Frank Steere Award - Bishop Verot High School 
   Platinum Awards
   $5000 FGCU scholarship or $3000 to school of choice - 
      Ethan Katz (Port Charlotte)
   $2500 Mimi Gregory Honorary Scholarship - 
      Megan Galbreath (Cape Coral)
   $2250 George Gotschall Memorial Scholarship - 
      Anna Albert (Port Charlotte)
   Gold Awards
   Representing Germany, from Cape Coral High School, Jake Maranzatto ($1000)
   $1500 awards:
   Bronze Awards
   $450 - Barron Collier High School (won by Alex Stanco)
   $400 - Fort Myers High School (won by Ashhab Thacker)
   $350 - Bishop Verot High School (won by Kevin Norton)                   
  Committee Awards

   Human Settlement Program

   1st:   Brazil                 Carly Lindsay              Gulf Coast

   2nd:  Russia               Hazen Williams           Port Charlotte

   3rd:  Jordan                David Talavera            Cape Coral

   4th:  Mexico                Sean Tordesillas         Port Charlotte

   5th:  United Kingdom  Riley Zuccarello         Gulf Coast


   Human Rights Council

   1st:  Jordan                  Stefania Lugli            Cape Coral

   2nd: United Kingdom   Nicole Garcia            Gulf Coast

   3rd:  Russia                  Romy Aiken              Port Charlotte

   4th:  Germany              Karl Parker                Cape Coral

   5th:  United States       Monica Hurtado        Oasis


   Human Environmental Program

   1st:  United Kingdom   Ian Fales                   Gulf Coast

   2nd: Russia                  Anna Albert               Port Charlotte

   3rd:  Jordan                 Sarah Kane               Cape Coral

   4th:  Germany              Zach Kashman         Cape Coral

   5th:  Japan                   Michelle Steqawski   Gulf Coast


   International Atomic Energy Agency

   1st:   United Kingdom   Michael Mizell          Gulf Coast

   2nd:  United States       Andrew Orbe           Oasis

   3rd:  Russia                  Sydney White           Port Charlotte

   4th:  Japan                   Elaine Kim                Gulf Coast

   5th:  Brazil                    Claire Bower            Gulf Coast


   International Monetary Fund

   1st:   Germany             Javier Diaz                Cape Coral

   2nd:  United Kingdom  Matthew Holzaepfel  Gulf Coast

   3rd:  Russia                 Matthew Amontree    Port Charlotte

   4th:  Brazil                   Christopher Wallack  Gulf Coast

   5th:  Mexico                 Kevin Martin              Port Charlotte


   World Health Organization

   1st:   Russia                James Coogan          Port Charlotte

   2nd:  Germany            Courtney Dougherty  Cape Coral

   3rd:  Japan                  Alyssa Zinn               Gulf Coast

   4th:  United Kingdom  Jessica Butehorn       Gulf Coast

   5th:  Cuba                   Haley Cerretani          Bishop Verot


   Convention Against Corruption

   1st:  United Kingdom  Robert Beatty            Gulf Coast

   2nd: Germany             Megan Galbreath      Cape Coral

   3rd:  Japan                  Gabriel Rosales        Gulf Coast

   4th:  Russia                 Brittany McGivern     Port Charlotte

   5th:  Jordan                 Tuan Tran                 Cape Coral



   1st:   Russia                Ethan Katz                Port Charlotte

   2nd:  United States     David Victoria           Oasis

   3rd:  United Kingdom  Madisyn Tedrow       Gulf Coast

   4th:  Germany             Daniela Barata         Cape Coral

   5th:  Japan                  Troy Maksymetz       Gulf Coast



   1st:  United States        Bailee Peralto         Oasis

   2nd:  United Kingdom  Olivia Orr                 Gulf Coast

   3rd:  GermanyJake      Maranzatto              Cape Coral

   4th:  Russia                  Noah Fabiano          Port Charlotte

   5th:  Egypt                    David Mahan           Bishop Verot


   Legal Committee

   1st:   Russia                 Marco Guzman        Port Charlotte

   2nd:  United Kingdom  Lydia McCurdy         Gulf Coast

   3rd:  Japan                   Peyton Batiato         Gulf Coast

   4th:  United States       Zahra Khan              Oasis

   5th:  Iran                      Logan Deveau          Port Charlotte


   Special Political & Decolonization

   1st:   United Kingdom  Linnea Dulikravich  Gulf Coast

   2nd:  Russia                Shane Conway        Port Charlotte

   3rd:  Germany             Max Slafer               Cape Coral

   4th:  United States      Christopher Byron    Oasis

   5th:  Japan                  Shelby Luckey         Gulf Coast


   Security Council

   1st:   United Kingdom  Eitan Cassell           Gulf Coast

   2nd:  Russia                Rory Lane                Port Charlotte

   3rd:  New Zealand       Ashhab Thakur        Fort Myers

   4th:  United States      Julian Valdivia          Oasis

   5th:  Malaysia             Stas Van-Genderan  Bishop Verot

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