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Registration and Requirements


Private and public high schools in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee counties are invited to participate in the Southwest Florida Model United Nations program. Others may request to attend by special invitation.



1. Schools participating for the first time may not request a security council country. All schools are initially limited to a maximum of three countries/delegations. If we determine that we can accommodate additional students, we will advise coaches as early as possible.

2. Students assigned to the security council should have participated in at least two previous MUN conferences.

3.  Schools may not represent a country they've represented (in this conference) in the last two seasons.  Please refer to the bottom of the country page for details.

4. Position papers are not mandatory, but are highly recommend. However, to be considered for scholarships or committee recognition awards, the individual delegate must submit a position paper on any one of the issues assigned to his/her committee. 



Schools are expected to support the activity of their Model United Nations delegation(s). This includes, to the extent possible, coaches' supplements, provision for substitute teachers during the two-day conference, copy facilities, and research materials. Schools are responsible for getting students and coaches to the workshop and conference.



There is a non-refundable school registration fee of $150 per school, payable in the Fall by November 2. There is also a non-refundable $35 per student fee payable by January 18. These fees cover all necessary conference materials as well as lunch for each of the two March conference dates. It is up to the individual schools to arrange and pay for any and all other expenses (including transportation, lodging, etc.).



A delegation represents one country and will prepare one delegate to attend each committee, and one delegate to the Security Council if applicable. Each delegate will prepare to discuss all topics assigned to his/her Committee. Security Council delegates will also be presented with additional topics as news-breaking scenarios are presented. Security Council delegates must prepare for this by reading and studying current events.

Each delegation has one delegate for each committee, except that the 15 security council countries each have one additional delegate to attend the Security Council.

Each country will have one vote in each committee or Security Council. Multiple delegates from the same country will NOT be allowed to serve on a committee.

Each delegation will elect one member of the delegation to serve as Head Delegate. (In the United Nations, the title is Permanent Representative.) (See below.)



Delegates are the individual representatives of a delegation of a country. Because they are the persons most visible to people outside of their country and because of their diplomatic privileges they are held to a higher standard of behavior.

Students must be aware of their responsibility to the program as a whole as well as to their own role as delegate. Great care is taken by program administrators to provide a balanced forum of negotiation and debate to achieve the greatest opportunity for learning and enjoyment. 

Male delegates are to wear coat and tie if at all possible. Female delegates should wear equivalent business attire. National dress appropriate for business attire in the country being represented is both permitted and encouraged.



Head Delegates are elected in the Southwest Florida MUN by their fellow delegates. It is a position of respect and confidence. This individual is usually responsible for organizing and monitoring the delegation's preparations for the Model UN conference. The Head Delegate is the ultimate voice of authority for the delegation and should be presented as the highest ranking representative of his or her nation's government.

In sessions where the delegation appears together, such as the Plenary Session or General Assembly, the Head Delegate casts the vote for the delegation. He or she also makes any presentations necessary. However, the Head Delegate may defer oral presentations to another delegate if the Head Delegate considers another delegate more informed on the subject under discussion.



Coaches may prepare one or more delegations for the conference. They are expected to guide the students in their preparations and encourage accurate portrayal of each delegations real-life situations, attitudes, and beliefs. Coaches are requested to be on campus during the entire conference. Coaches should ensure that they're reachable by cell phone at all times and that their delegates know their phone number.  Coaches are expected to dress in business attire for the conference, the same as their students.

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