Each year, the SWFLMUN conference awards nearly $25,000 (sometimes more!) in scholarships, gift cards, and school funding based on student performance.  While the majority of scholarships are awarded to seniors with at least two years of participation and go to those with the most cumulative points over all years of participation, there are often scholarships available to first year participants as well.  The specifics are announced each year shortly before the conference.

Monetary awards that are won by students for their team are given to the school to be used for the following year however the team's coach deems most beneficial - be it for study materials, registration fees, or travel costs (to our conference or any other).

In addition, Florida Gulf Coast University often makes several scholarships available to Naples Council on World Affairs. These scholarships are awarded to seniors (only) who have applied to FGCU and can only be used at FGCU. 


The awarding of the scholarships will be based on the following criteria:


  1. Submission of a completed scholarship application and the other requirements as indicated on the application. 

  2. The applicant must be a graduating senior and must have applied to and been accepted for admission to FGCU. He/She must also be planning to attend FGCU the following Fall semester. 

  3. Applicant must have participated in the SWFL MUN for at least one year prior to application and be active in the SWFL MUN during his/her senior year. The applicant must have submitted a MUN position paper.

  4. Academic Information: GPA, Class Ranking, SAT or ACT Scores and AP Courses and Exams taken.

  5. Communication Skills as indicated by essays submitted.

  6. Scores and awards from SWFL MUN.

  7. Extracurricular Activities: Athletic teams, school clubs, civic, church or community activities.

  8. FGCU may impose additional requirements and guidelines.

FGCU is solely responsible for deciding who will win these particular awards and how they shall be administered.  For additional information, please send an email  to Dr. Rick Coughlin.


Deadline for receipt of the application is will be announced each year.  It usually falls shortly after the March conference.