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2023-2024 Emails to Coaches/Sponsors

DATE         SUBJECT LINE                                                           CONTENTS

8/21/23      ** SWFLMUN XXXI - Registration now open! **          Welcome and instructions

ongoing        various                                                                               Reminders to get registration and country requests in

11/17/23      ** HEADS UP!  Big change at SWFLMUN 2024 **             Announcement of doing Crisis Committee instead of Security Council

1/4/24          SWFLMUN: Important information and updates                 LOTS of important information; don't miss this one!

1/16/24        SWFLMUN: more information on the Crisis Committee     Link to new Crisis Committee info

1/16/24        ** Important SWFLMUN reminders **                                Checklist to keep you on track

1/27/24        Delegate Training Sessions 2/10 and 2/24                         Details from Dr. Coughlin re: the February workshops

2/14/24        ** SWFLMUN Update **                                                     A whole bunch of reminders

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