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2022-2023 Emails to Coaches/Sponsors

DATE         SUBJECT LINE                                                       CONTENTS

9/12/22      Welcome to SWFLMUN 2022-2023!                        Updates, overview, getting started, important links 

9/15/22      Did you request your SWFLMUN countries yet??    Reminder to request countries

10/6/22      SWFLMUN Update                                                   Reminder to request countries, offer of support

11/14/22    SWFLMUN Update                                                   Reminders
12/13/22    SWFLMUN Updates and Reminders                        Winter Break reminders, school status update

1/4/23        ** IMPORTANT SWFLMUN UPDATES **                Reminders, school status updates, registration link
1/18/23      Southwest Florida Training Session at Florida G...   Information about upcoming delegate training opportunity

1/19/23      *IMPORTANT* SWFLMUN updates                         School status updates, workshop, special competition

1/23/23      ** It's POSITION PAPER DAY! **                              Reminders about position papers, rosters, workshop

2/7/23        ** SWFLMUN UPDATE **                                         New information and some reminders

2/24/23      ** Everything You Need to Know About SWFLM...   TONS of super-important information! 

2/28/23      It's Almost Time for SWFLMUN 30 !                         Final information, details, reminders + Delegate Document Pack 

3/3/23        In Just Three More Days, SWFLMUN 30!                Final reminders

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