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2021 Special Competition




This is your chance to work as a team, think outside the box, and earn some money for your school's Model U.N. program.  Please read the details below carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.  The winners of the program will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Your assignment:


Using any form of Social Media, pick an international problem that you think has the most significance to your generation.  Explain how you would use Social Media to get today’s leaders across the globe to act on the issue you think most critical. Keep in mind this must be an international problem and your plan must engage all international leaders.

Submission format:

Your submission needs to be digital, but you're encouraged to be as creative as possible!  PowerPoint, YouTube video, screenshots, etc.  Work as a team to come up with the idea, and then tell us and show us how this would work.

Due date:

Your submission is due Friday, February 19 by midnight to Mo Winograd at You'll get a confirmation of receipt no later than February 21.  Since several entries went to spam last year, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you promptly advise Mo if you've not gotten confirmation!  If you have questions, please email Mo.


Monetary awards will be given to the MUN clubs of the winning schools:

1st place - $500    provided by Howard and Nancy Cohen

2nd place - $350   provided by Mickey and Mo Winograd

3rd place - $200   provided by Pat and Leonie Cacho

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