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2023 Committee Chairs



General Assembly

Advancing a Sanctions Regime for Myanmar

Chair: Caleb Brasington                                  AB9

Vice Chair: Gabriel Penton                              Room 214


UN Environment Program

Reversing Widespread Land Degradation, Desertification & Aradification

Chair: Noelle Morey                                        AB9

Vice Chair: Danielle Witte                               Room 113


Commission on the Status of Women

Reproductive Rights: Is There a Way Forward?

Chair: Mariah Coughlin                                   Sugden Hall

Vice Chair: Lauren Major                                Room 208


International Criminal Court

Investigating & Prosecuting War Crimes in Ukraine

Chair: Julia Zuercher                                       AB9

Vice Chair: Madison Weaver                          Room 207


UN Development Program

Addressing the Ongoing Global Crisis of Food Insecurity

Chair: Surya Dodia                                         AB9

Vice Chair: Sophia Iregul                               Room 111


International Organization for Migration

Safeguarding the Rights of Migrant Workers

Co-Chair: Malani Plancher                              Sugden Hall

Co-Chair: Pamela Ramon                               Room 240


Disarmament & Int'l Security

Impact of Private Military Security Contractors

Chair: Aayush Singh                                        AB9

Vice Chair: John A. Cirillo                                Room 220-B


Sustainable Development

Geo Engineering: New Strategies Needed

Co-Chair: Chandler Zuck                                 AB9

Co-Chair Sydney Shaw                                   Room 220-A


UN Office on Drugs & Crime

Differentiating Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Crime and Disinformation

Chair: Ethan Upson                                         AB9

Vice Chair: Maximilian Wilkowski                    Room 211


UN Human Rights Committee

Protecting Sexual Identity

Chair: Clarisse Fontes                                     AB9

Vice Chair: Dane Morrissey                            Room 112


Int'l Negotiating Committee of the UNEA

Protecting the Oceans: Drafting a Global Plastics Convention

Chair: Amy Enberg                                          AB9

Vice Chair: Julianna Perez                              Room 209


UN Security Council

Advancing UN Peacekeeping Reforms in the Midst of Current Ongoing Crises

Chair: Katherine Suero                                   Sugden Hall
Vice Chair: Tessa Barber                                Room 209

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