2020 Committee Chairmen



UN Economic & Social Council

Restructuring the Global Economy for a Sustainable Future

Chair: Joshua Barrett

Vice Chair: Sarah Abec


International Telecommunication Union

International Cyber Security

Chair: Nicholas Piedra

Vice Chair: Francesca Donnelly


UN Development Program

The Effects of International Sanctions on Developing Countries

Chair: Megan Corn

Vice Chair: Chad Fleno


UN Environmental Program


Chair: Joseph Perez


International Maritime Organization

Nautical Sovereignty

Chair: Carson Brown

Vice Chair: Eduardo Gomes


International Atomic Energy Agency

Revisiting the Commitment to a Nuclear-Free World

Chair: Dylan Florencz


International Monetary Fund

Offshore Tax havens: Panama Papers

Chair: Paul Hayden


UN Counter-Terrorism Committee

Deprogramming and Repatriation of Captured Terrorist
Fighters and their Families

Chair: Nicole Stanco


UN Committee on Peacekeeping (C34)

Ethics of Force by UN Peacekeepers

Chair: Dr. Coughlin

Vice Chair: Matthew Proeschel


UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

Treatment of Immigrant Families & Unaccompanied Minors

Chair: Binhan Le


UN Women

Closing the Global Wage Gap

Chair: Andrea Bedoya

Vice Chair: Alexis Armstrong


United Nations Security Council

Rethinking the Norm of ‘Non-Intervention’
Chair: Syed Adnan

Will be updated for 2021 prior to conference