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2022 Committee Chairs



UN Legal Committee 1

Global Regulation of CRISPR Technology

Chair: Christie Ryan                                        Lutgart Hall

Assistant: David Heiman                                 Room 1203


UN Human Rights Committee

The Global Prison Crisis

Chair: Hanna Nussair                                      Merwin Hall

Assistant: Malani Planchar                              Room 205


UN Economic & Social Council

Natural Resources for Renewable Energy

Chair: Mariah Coughlin                                   Lutgart Hall

Assistant: Nadjuska Maurice                          Room 1204


Disarmament & International Security


Chair: Steve Vesce                                          Lutgart Hall

Assistant: Patrick Mattingly                             Room 2202


Convention on Biological Diversity

A New Strategic Framework for Global Conservation

Chair: Amy Enberg                                           Lutgart Hall

Assistant: Katie Metscher                                Room 1206


Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

Reducing the Pandemic Risks of Global Wildlife Trade

Chair: Pamela Ramon                                      Lutgart Hall

Assistant: Sophie Irequi                                   Room 2201


World Health Organization

Covid-19 Vaccinations for the Global South

Chair: Matthew Proeschel                               Merwin Hall

Assistant: Dominick Thomas                           Room 228


UN Legal Committee 2

Arctic Geopolitics

Chair: Carson Brown                                       Merwin Hall

Assistant: Meagan Siefried                             Room 231


Economic & Financial Committee

Global Taxation

Chair: Ethan Upson                                         Merwin Hall

Assistant: Caleb Brasington                            Room 110


UN Office on Drugs & Crime

Global Police Violence

Chair: Clarisse Fontes                                     Merwin Hall

Assistant: Katherine Suero                              Room 212


General Assembly Plenary

The Future of Afghanistan

Chair: Julia Zuercher                                       Lutgart Hall

Assistant: Gisselle Ramirez                             Room 1202


United Nations Security Council

Responding to the Crisis in Haiti

Chair: Nicole Stanco                                         Merwin Hall
Assistant: Derek Cook                                      Room 103

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