2019 Committee Chairmen

If you have a question prior to the conference regarding a committee's topic or something in the background information, please direct that question directly to the individual who will be moderating that committee for the conference **and cc: Hanna Nussair: hlnussair2143@eagle.fgcu.edu.**

Security Council: Shane Broadstone (sdbroadstone8854@eagle.fgcu.edu)

  • The Situation in Syria


Human Rights Council: Raphaella Matta (rmatta2749@eagle.fgcu.edu)

  • The Human Rights of Prisoners


Special Political & Decolonization: Bailee Peralto (bailee_peralto@brown.edu)

  • The Right to Privacy


United Nations Environment Program: Andrea Bedoya (acbedoya2911@eagle.fgcu.edu)

  • Overfishing/The Pollution of Natural resources


United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women: Hanna Nussair (hlnussair2143@eagle.fgcu.edu)

  • Prominence of Sexual Violence in War Torn areas


Legal: Joshua Barrett (joshuabarrett@knights.ucf.edu)

  • Ethics of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence


Disarmament & International Security: Joseph Perez (jdperez3222@eagle.fgcu.edu)

  • The Disarmament of Terrorist Organizations and Radical Actors


Economic & Social: Jay Pinckney-Cabal (jpinckneycabal7381@eagle.fgcu.edu)

  • Development of Indigenous People and Communities


Social, Humanitarian & Cultural: Maxwell Slafer (mslafer@middlebury.edu)

  • Combating Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants


United Nations Development Program: Michael Polk (mapolk4606@eagle.fgcu.edu)

  • Access to Clean Water and Sanitation in Rural Communities


UNICEF: Galia Pino (galia.maria.pino@emory.edu)

  • The Education of Children in Developing Nations


World Health Organization: Zahra Khan (zahrakhan@ufl.edu)

  • Preventing the Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance